Monday, April 25, 2011


       When you live on a lake in northern Minnesota in the watch everyday for that magic day....ICE OUT!  It happened today on Medicine Lake in Tenstrike MN.  This is our 24th year to witness ice out on the lake...and it's always an adventure.  I have recorded the dates of ice out every year since we moved here in 1987.  Those dates get transferred each year to the new calendar, just like all the family birthdates!  It's history!  The guests who come up in June always want to know...when was ice out?  Once the ice is gone, the lake has the opportunity to warm up with the spring sunshine and those water temperatures are important for spawning times for the different species of fish in the lake.

It's evening, but you can see the small chunks of ice near the shore.

The wind brought the ice to the resort shoreline this year.  It was a slow melt so there was no damage to the shoreline.

Remnants of the small dock by the beach...lots of debris comes to shore with the ice out.  This is the first time ever that the ice went out on April 25th!  Some dates on the calendar have 3 or 4 or 5 years of ice out posted on the same date!

       This time of year is the fastest changing season.  We go from 6+months of winter to rain and splotches of green grass....the ducks return along with the geese and loons.  The ground begins to thaw, everything is soggy underfoot when you live so close to the lake. 

Every piece of equipment is overhauled and ready for the busy resort season....have to get this tire fixed so we can put our miles on the golf carts!  They've only been a part of the resort for a few years, but they are a wonderful mode of transportation in the spring, hauling bedding and cabin supplies to all the cabins.

This is a common sight in the spring...hauling all the old mattresses out of each cabin and wait for the delivery of the new ones!  We always find a home for the "gently used" mattresses...missions, homeless shelters, even friends who need an extra bed!  Let us know if you need a full or queen sized mattress...they're still in great shape!

       The resort sees major changes in just a month!  By mid-May, the raking will be done, all 13 cabins will be cleaned and ready for guests, the water will get turned on, docks are put in, the pool is filled and the first batch of cookies are baked for the arrival of the first guests of the 2011 season.

       Have we piqued your interest??  Come see the finished product...a lush, green resort yard with lots of fresh-planted flowers, new patio furniture, groomed sand on the beach, docks in the water with boats tethered to them and empty cabins with a warm plate of cookies waiting for the guests to arrive!  We love our job as resort owners and we look forward to a great summer with lots of great fishing and fun carpetball games, along with the heated pool and a fresh stock of ice cream for the famous shakes!

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You may absolutely use it- what an honor to be used in that way! LOVE that you would put something like that in your cabin- shows what a neat place you have there. :) Thank you again! Amy