Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Brings.....

      Spring in northern Minnesota means different things than in different parts of the country!  For us, living here for the past 23 years, we know spring is here with the hooting of the owls in the woods, the eagles flying low over the cabins, the return of the ducks and geese to the lake's edge and....
      Last weekend we went to the new Sanford Center in Bemidji with Jen & Marc & kids to walk through and see all the new ideas & products at the show...tractors, landscaping ideas, pianos, frybread tacos, hot tubs, new building ideas, freebies from several booths, Stittsworth brats....and just seeing alot of friends in the area who also come out for this once a year event.

The new Sanford Center with the tractor display in the parking lot!

Nathan lived his dream of sitting on the big green tractor.

Calvin was most excited to get his picture taken by the BSU Beaver! 
He's such a hockey fan and saw most of the games this winter.

The little girl of the bunch tried out the hot tub...don't we need one of these??!!

Calvin won a hat at a booth...and wore it the rest of the day!  Goofy kid!

Even Paul & Babe were at the show...

      Spring also means all that snow & ice melt and provide lots of new lakes and ponds where they aren't supposed to the golf course!
Blackduck Golf Course lives up to it's name...The Duck...with water everywhere, especially after an all day rainstorm.

     And....the work continues at the resort as the weather warms up. Steve has been grading the driveway almost everyday, moving the muddy frost boils and spreading out the mud so that everything dries up faster and makes for a smooth lane.

      We went to a spring buying show yesterday...ordering new ice cream flavors and foods for the lodge.  While we were gone, our carpenter laid the new laminate flooring in cabin's look nice and I'll take pictures when it's done.

      Here's the beginning of the remodel for cabin #6....the new cupboards are in!

So much more storage space!  Countertop is ordered and laminate flooring will be laid
in this kitchen too! 

      Only 1 month before our first guests arrive!  Yikes...13 cabins to spring clean, new mattresses to be delivered, new furniture to be bought, curtains to be made, cabins to be stained, leaves to be raked....does anyone need a temporary job for the next 3 weeks??  We provide great meals and a variety of jobs all day long!  To apply, just give us a call!  We guarantee good stretching while making beds and washing windows, lively conversation while cleaning and/or raking, and a sense of pride when the jobs are done!
How many places think it's spring when the temps are still in the 30s??? 
Just us crazy Minnesotans!  35 degrees...we can put the winter coats away and open the windows!
Come on can be tough...and crazy too!

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