Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wrigley!

      When you're a dog and your owners live at a resort...as a dog, you're probably as close to heaven on earth as you can get!  Wrigley, our resort dog, celebrates her 8th birthday this week.  She has seen lots of snow, new cabins, new grandbabies and new guests!  She's persevered lots of attention...and sought out her own friends each week at the resort.  Here's to you, Wrigley...
She willingly entertains the resort kids...

She entertains a visiting "friend"...

She quickly knows which cabin residents are dog-lovers and pleads with her eyes!

She does her "can you touch your nose with your tongue" trick for anyone who asks!

She follows her owner to the flagpole...in the winter...in dog-deep snow!

She perks up and listens when you tell her John is coming to visit!

And finally, she gets her yearly bowl of strawberry ice cream for her birthday!

(This post is for Wrigley's Aunt Nancy...they love each other!)

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  1. Now I am in love with Wrigley too!!! Oh my kids would give her LOTs of attention :) What a life she has! The Strawberry ice cream cracked me up! Too sweet!

    Thanks for the sweetness on my blog too! I don't know how the summer would get away with almost no time to sit dow & journal our lives ...I am hoping when the school years start to get going again! I always love visiting you too! So fun to watch cabin life & see your family! Last week my hubby surprised me & booked a last minute stay at a restort that still had a cabin open for next week...not sure how he pulled that off...but he knew we needed some uninterrupted family time , but it made me think of you right away! And I am sure I will be thinking of you all the time next week as we get a little piece of cabin heaven :)