Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Fishing Trip of 2010

      This northern Minnesota weather is incredible this year!  We seem bent on checking the forecast day after day, just sure that there will be snow before the month ends.  We've never had an April with no snow...but there are lots of first this spring.  I think I told you that the ice went out April 2nd, the earliest in our 23 years here.  Now, the flowering trees are blooming, Steve has mowed twice, all the docks are in.....and a first....we took 4 little boys fishing last weekend!

      Ben, almost 5, is an avid fisherman.  Last year, he saw a big bass in a guest's live well and was determined to go out and catch one just like it...and he did!  Well, now he thinks all he has to do is "want" to catch a fish and it will happen.  Don't we all wish that's how it was done!  So....Papa decided on Friday that he'd take the boat out and let the little guys cast for whatever...knowing full well that it was too early....the water temp is still too weed growth so the fish are deep and easily spooked....but you can't say all that to an almost 5 yr. old!

      Papa gathered 2 fishing poles...even with 4 little guys, he knew that 2 poles in the water at one time was more than he could handle...we all got our life jackets on, yes, the Nana of the group was recruited to go and help "manage" the fishermen.  We had Calvin, 6, Ben, Nathan, 4, and Lucien, 2.  The little girls opted to stay back with their Mommys.  All we needed was Will, 7, and Greyson, 3, to complete the group....we'll save that trip til June! 

      The excursion started out great....Papa was navigating the boat....we all sat while the boat was in motion.  We reached our hot fishing spot on the lake and Papa got the poles ready to cast out.  Of course, Ben was the first to start fishing...then Calvin.  Lucien was content to stand and poke his fingers in the lake.  Nathan wandered back to Papa and decided to turn the throttle...and we almost had a fast trip to another fishing spot.  Papa quickly grabbed Nathan and the throttle...and we looked at each other and laughed hard.  Nathan ended up sitting with Papa...and Papa learned to always keep the boat in neutral when Nathan is traveling with you!

      No fish were caught on this trip, but we had a great time.  We satisfied all the little boys with a boat ride, and Ben kept talking about next time...."Next time I weel catch that big bass!"  He is one determined fisherperson and I am very certain that he will be successful on his next long as we make it when the water is warmer and the weeds are growing...and it's legal to catch bass!

      Here's some photos of our first fishing trip in April!!

Another wonderful day with our grandchildren!

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  1. If anyone is looking for a driver for their boat this summer...I'd be happy to rent Nathan out. He's cheap! (: