Friday, April 23, 2010

My Last Hurrah!!

      I just returned from a 5 day trip to Las Vegas....sorry, no was a trip to visit my family that live out there.  My youngest brother and oldest brother live out there with their wives, kids and grandkids.  I had not been there for almost 2 years, so the trip was long overdue.  Daughter Jen and her daughter Jillian, 1, went with me.  Steve stayed home to hold down the fort.
      We had a great time.  Never mind that the weather was 85 and sunny everyday.  We had so much fun reconnecting with family and friends that we have met there over the years.  I even got to cuddle a new baby, Addison Grace Lee.  She's my nephew's little girl born just a few days before we got there. 
      Jillian loved my brother's dog....they spent lots of time together in the dog below...Jillian also loved Malia, 11.  She carried Jillian everywhere and entertained her.  We shared in the celebration of Presley's dedication at church...she is such a cutie and we even got to visit with her grandparents and great-grandparents!
      Now we're back home and looking forward to getting the resort in tip-top shape for the guests arriving in mid-May.  Here's a few pictures of our trip...
Jillian & Mercy lounging together in the kitchen.

Jillian & her best buddy, Malia

Cuddling with Uncle Doug

Presley & her Grandpa

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  1. Susie - I came to your blog to find the Onesie dress tutorial and what else do I find(?), but a very cute picture of my grand daughter Presley and my husband TP. That is a very cute picture - I'm glad you included it. By the way, we checked out your lodge site and it looks wonderful. Dori