Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Dock In....Two To Go!

      Okay, this is by far the earliest that the Lodgemaster has had a dock in the water!  It's amazing.  We keep thinking there will be a forecast for snow, but no; instead, we get rain and then sunshine and now 65 degrees!  It's a miracle up here in the north woods!
      On Monday, Nic & Aaron, our trusty employees/friends/cute kids, came over, donned their waders and got in the chilly lake with Steve and put a dock in.  Now when you look out the kitchen window, it actually looks a little like summer....and we like that look!  We are so anxious for summer....but first we get to celebrate the wedding of our youngest child.  John is marrying Alicia on May 8th and we can't wait!  She's a peach and he's happy as a lark.  Alicia has the curliest, waviest hair and someday that's going to look darn cute on a grandbaby...I'm not hurrying you kids....enjoy each other first! last post was about vacations and cabins and experiencing the best vacation your family has ever had.  We've had lots of calls and if you're least call and let us hold a cabin for you.  We'd hate to not have the cabin you need! 
      Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful, God-given spring weather like we are!

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  1. John getting married. I remember you talking about their engagement before it was even official last year. So happy for them!
    It says this is from Randy, but it's really Geralyn. He is the one with the google acct.