Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Perfect Brownie

      This blogging thing can be're reading and I'm's very contagious...but harmless! 
      Tonight I made a pan of brownies for company coming tomorrow...a group of resorters coming to "crackerbarrel" about building cabins...should be a fun time.  So, a good excuse to bake, right?  And no one makes a better brownie than Betty...Crocker, that is.  I used to make brownies from scratch, but life got busy...grandkids, then more grandkids, then more grandkids...a busy resort, 50 different sewing projects just waiting for me to finish...anyway, Betty and I got together and we work very well together. 
       I use my Pampered Chef bar pan and make 2 boxes of the brownies at once...add a cup of chocolate chips and a handful of chopped walnuts and bake 34 minutes at more.  They're honest to goodness perfect every time.  But...baking the brownies is not the best part.  Cutting the brownies is by far the most important part of the whole brownie experience.  Now the secret to the perfect brownie...using a plastic picnic knife to cut the brownies.  I know you have all struggled to cut brownies, whether they're still warm or completely cooled.  When you cut them, they crumble and drag chunks of brownie down the entire pan when you cut.  Well, not so with the simple plastic knife!  Apparently, the regular knife gets too warm??  I don't know for sure....all I do know is that the plastic knife works like a miracle.  Perfectly cut brownies turn into perfect brownies to eat, share and enjoy!
      Yes, there's one missing from my pan...Steve has to try one to make sure they're okay for the guests!

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