Thursday, June 24, 2010

Carpetball, Anyone??

     There's a new game at Cedar Rapids Lodge this's called "carpetball".  The lodgemaster built the game over the long winter...and it's a hit!  It's a game for all ages.  The original plans had the game sitting higher than it is now.  After watching young & old play for the last 3 weeks, Steve cut the legs down today and it's more user-friendly for all ages. 
     Our goal each year is to provide entertainment for everyone and make some of it "free" to use.  This game has already proven itself a winner.  At any time of the day, there may be 10-12 kids/adults standing around the game.  Tournaments are formed the first day and played throughout the week. 
     I had a tough time finding a small crowd so that I could take pictures of the game itself.  The game is played with an old set of pool balls, 5 on each end and a cue ball.  You simply try to knock each other's balls into their's a fast game that can be played over and's some photos of a quieter time at the game...

One end of the 16' game
Other end of the game...

Kris & Austin playing....(he can beat his Mom!)

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