Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Cabin at the Resort!

      Well, we are ending a very rainy week up north.  The grass is growing faster than we can keep up, but the rain won't let us mow!  Such is the weather...and we're certainly not in control of that!
      But....despite rain everyday, Steve and his Dad built a new cabin!  The directions said that 2 moderately experienced people could build it in 6-8 hours....well, these guys knew what they were doing.  Grandpa the great read the book of directions 3 times while it rained.  Between rain showers, he laid out the boards for the when they started building, everything would be right there so they could get it built.  Well, as you will see from the pictures with this post, the cabin got built in record time, despite being supervised by a very anxious 4 year old who kept asking..."Papa, is my 'cavin' done yet?"  Nathan had to be retrieved a few times and brought inside so that father & son could work uninterrupted on the project. 
      The new cabin is conveniently located next to the pirate the kids can walk just steps from their miniature cabin door and be "at sea" on the ship...sailing all over the resort(pretending, of course).  We can't wait for the little ones each week to enter the world of cabins and ships....and sail away into the lodge for their ice cream treat at the end of a long day's journey.
      Don't you want to come play???

Grandpa the great overseeing the carpenter(Steve)

Nathan was so excited for them to be done!

A short little girl(Jilly) will log many hours in the cabin!

Perfect location for a new to the playground.

The new cabin almost glows in the dark!


  1. How cute is that miniture cabin?! Our grandkids will love it. I may have to crawl through also.

  2. I'm pretty sure we're going to get some GREAT photos of the kids in that! Can't wait to see you in July!