Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun!

      Well, we had a fun holiday weekend with a full camp of guests and a full house of grandkids!  All 9 little ones visited for the first time...even the newlyweds were here.  Jen & Marc in Bemidji have become hosts for the overflow...Sara & the kids stayed with them.  Max couldn't make it this time and we missed him. 
      I think the kids tried everything possible at the resort and LOVED the new pirate ship....also called "Noah's Ark"....by some of them!  Very cute! 
      We even had some nice weather while they were here....somewhat of a miracle considering past visits.  It seems the cool weather and rain usually follows some of them when they come.
      Here's a gallery of photos to share...some of the boys even got to fish with Great Grandpa Addler!  What a treat.

And here's everyone....you figure out who's who... Will, 7, Calvin, 6, Ben, 5, Nathan, 4, Greyson, 3, Lucien, 2, Jillian, 1, Monica, 10 months, and Tate, 3 months.
And John & Alicia just got married!  More babies to come!!
Happy Summer Season!!

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  1. Is that an air conditioner I see in cabin 8's window?
    Great pictures and it looks like everyone had a great time. I'm sure Jane was right in the middle of all the activities!