Thursday, June 17, 2010

Volleyball, Tenderloins, Movies & Fishing

      What, you ask, does a title like that on a blog...mean???  Well, post publishing just doesn't get done as fast as the photos get taken, so I am combining this week's activities in a nutshell for you.
is the new inflatable volleyball game!  Look like fun??  It is!

And this....

is the new "handmade" tenderloin being offered on the menu this summer!

And these.....

movie watcher/popcorn mongrels are in the lodge for one of the week's activities.  We also offer bingo, bonfires, free sundaes and whatever rocks our world each week.

And finally, these.....

are some of the fabulous fish caught last week!
Do YOU need a vacation?  Give us a call....we have 2 cabins open June 26-July 3rd that will provide a week's worth of fun, fish and family time that just might be priceless!

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  1. The tenderloin looks wonderfully yummy, and I can just see Tom & Jane playing volleyball with me!