Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Girl's Bows & Lilliputians

      Well, I always like to spark your interest with a quirky title...did I?  The little girl is Jillian...and I think because she is a little girl born after 2 little boys...she has just a few hair accessories that her brothers were not able to wear.  Actually, we have 3 little girls who all have 2 older brothers...and each one of these little girls have a wardrobe of ribbons, bows, flowers and feathers bought to adorn their cute little heads!  Jillian's mommy is my only girl, but...she was born first and then had 3 little brothers, so....I didn't know she'd be my only girl and I just didn't go crazy enough to dress her in pink everyday with accessories to match.  Sorry Jen!  I think she's making up for it now with her own little girl to dress and coordinate. 
      She doesn't have a blog...I tell her everyday that she should because her children would make her blog come alive with very little imagination.  She says she's busy...I know she is...but she's still creative, so I have to feature her latest creation for Jillian's room.  She bought a fabric board at Kohl' you would hang on the wall and put photos on with ribbons to hold the photos...but she found a brand new use for it...and of course, being her Mother, I think she's a genius!  See for yourself...
Okay, I already told you this little girlie has accessories, but really!!!
Isn't it just the greatest idea to display all those fancy bows & barrettes?

Now...about the lilliputians...well, in case you don't know, that's what the little people were called in "Gulliver's Travels".  I don't know why I know's just useless information that I have stored in my brain.  Anyway, whatever you call them, we have a forest at our resort with a wonderful nature trail that is home every summer to families of elves, gnomes, tree faces and even some critters who find their way into the woods and onto the trail. 
In the spring each year before the guests arrive, I trek into the woods and find homes for all the elves and then provide a map of sorts for the kids to hike through the trail and find all the "hidden" little people.  A little bug spray is needed once in awhile to ward off the mosquitoes, but the adventure begins with the kids finding their way through the trail and ends with them running into the lodge to tell me they found all the elves.  It's a great way to get the kids...and big kids too...into the woods to see the beautiful flowers, ferns and even a few live critters scurrying through the woods.  Here's a sampling of what you might find...

Snoozing under a mushroom...

Their own lake cabin in the woods...

Swinging in the woods... and....

a really cute little guy in the woods looking for the elves...
Don't you wanna come help him??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Carpetball, Anyone??

     There's a new game at Cedar Rapids Lodge this's called "carpetball".  The lodgemaster built the game over the long winter...and it's a hit!  It's a game for all ages.  The original plans had the game sitting higher than it is now.  After watching young & old play for the last 3 weeks, Steve cut the legs down today and it's more user-friendly for all ages. 
     Our goal each year is to provide entertainment for everyone and make some of it "free" to use.  This game has already proven itself a winner.  At any time of the day, there may be 10-12 kids/adults standing around the game.  Tournaments are formed the first day and played throughout the week. 
     I had a tough time finding a small crowd so that I could take pictures of the game itself.  The game is played with an old set of pool balls, 5 on each end and a cue ball.  You simply try to knock each other's balls into their's a fast game that can be played over and's some photos of a quieter time at the game...

One end of the 16' game
Other end of the game...

Kris & Austin playing....(he can beat his Mom!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Volleyball, Tenderloins, Movies & Fishing

      What, you ask, does a title like that on a blog...mean???  Well, post publishing just doesn't get done as fast as the photos get taken, so I am combining this week's activities in a nutshell for you.
is the new inflatable volleyball game!  Look like fun??  It is!

And this....

is the new "handmade" tenderloin being offered on the menu this summer!

And these.....

movie watcher/popcorn mongrels are in the lodge for one of the week's activities.  We also offer bingo, bonfires, free sundaes and whatever rocks our world each week.

And finally, these.....

are some of the fabulous fish caught last week!
Do YOU need a vacation?  Give us a call....we have 2 cabins open June 26-July 3rd that will provide a week's worth of fun, fish and family time that just might be priceless!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Cabin at the Resort!

      Well, we are ending a very rainy week up north.  The grass is growing faster than we can keep up, but the rain won't let us mow!  Such is the weather...and we're certainly not in control of that!
      But....despite rain everyday, Steve and his Dad built a new cabin!  The directions said that 2 moderately experienced people could build it in 6-8 hours....well, these guys knew what they were doing.  Grandpa the great read the book of directions 3 times while it rained.  Between rain showers, he laid out the boards for the when they started building, everything would be right there so they could get it built.  Well, as you will see from the pictures with this post, the cabin got built in record time, despite being supervised by a very anxious 4 year old who kept asking..."Papa, is my 'cavin' done yet?"  Nathan had to be retrieved a few times and brought inside so that father & son could work uninterrupted on the project. 
      The new cabin is conveniently located next to the pirate the kids can walk just steps from their miniature cabin door and be "at sea" on the ship...sailing all over the resort(pretending, of course).  We can't wait for the little ones each week to enter the world of cabins and ships....and sail away into the lodge for their ice cream treat at the end of a long day's journey.
      Don't you want to come play???

Grandpa the great overseeing the carpenter(Steve)

Nathan was so excited for them to be done!

A short little girl(Jilly) will log many hours in the cabin!

Perfect location for a new to the playground.

The new cabin almost glows in the dark!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another New Rental Boat!

      Fishing is so good at Cedar Rapids Lodge that we had to go get another boat!  Well, actually....we needed another nice boat to rent out for fishing.  Steve found a 18 foot Lund Alaskan with 50 hp motor, trolling motor, depth finder, console, 3 pedestal seats, live well.  This boat will comfortably seat at least 4 people. 
      The boat is rented June 5-12th, but since it's new, it's available the rest of the summer.  Now, we may have to hold a lottery to decide who gets this boat each week.
Ha!  We wish!  We do know that it will be a popular fishing boat once our guests see it.
      So....if you think you might want it, let us know!  And it will be yours for the week!
      We also have a new paddleboat and have included a photo so you can see what fun the summer has in store for you!

Back section of boat

Front section of boat

Console & fish finder

New paddleboat!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun!

      Well, we had a fun holiday weekend with a full camp of guests and a full house of grandkids!  All 9 little ones visited for the first time...even the newlyweds were here.  Jen & Marc in Bemidji have become hosts for the overflow...Sara & the kids stayed with them.  Max couldn't make it this time and we missed him. 
      I think the kids tried everything possible at the resort and LOVED the new pirate ship....also called "Noah's Ark" some of them!  Very cute! 
      We even had some nice weather while they were here....somewhat of a miracle considering past visits.  It seems the cool weather and rain usually follows some of them when they come.
      Here's a gallery of photos to share...some of the boys even got to fish with Great Grandpa Addler!  What a treat.

And here's figure out who's who... Will, 7, Calvin, 6, Ben, 5, Nathan, 4, Greyson, 3, Lucien, 2, Jillian, 1, Monica, 10 months, and Tate, 3 months.
And John & Alicia just got married!  More babies to come!!
Happy Summer Season!!