Saturday, October 31, 2015

Summer 2015 Comes to an End!

     The best part of our 2015 resort season was that Steve's Dad, John, spent the entire summer with us!  We loved having him and he said there was a lot more going on at our house than there was at his!  He was such a blessing to have...and he says he's coming back next summer!  Yay!

We had an awesome summer...the weather was perfect...hardly any rain, but now we really need the moisture...I fear it will come in white flakes, but I think we'll take it!  The lake is low, but it usually fills back up in the spring.

August was a busy month with lots of fishing, swimming and pizzas in the lodge!  We scooped over 250 gallons of ice cream all summer long...cones, sundaes and those famous shakes!  You have to have ice cream everyday on vacation, right?

The end of August meant it was time to close up the pool for the season...
This dude was ready to beef the winter cover...

The cycle of a summer resort...pool closed until 2016!

September was a busy month, but we were able to slow down and enjoy other projects...

Jen & I tried our skills at crafting...and even sold a few things in the lodge!
I was able to go to our church's women's retreat in September at Camp Shamineau...
We celebrated this lady's birthday one morning at camp!  What a wonderful time...I already 
look forward to next year!

I finally took time to teach this little girl to sew...she was a fast learner!  She continued
to sew long after I went home and produced a barbie sleeping bag, pillow, Halloween tablerunner 
for her Mommy...and a small quilt for her bed...she's hooked and her Nana is loving that!

The Lodgemaster took a chair building class with some other resort owners...and
we all love it!  I ordered 13 more, but not sure I'll get was a day long project!

I found lots of time in September to sit and sew in the lodge...finished the bindings
on several quilts that sat untouched all summer long!  Quilting is my winter passion!

This little cutie came to visit in October and made her own pizza!!

Her Daddy shot a grouse, but she was not crazy about holding it for a picture!

We went to Chandler Farms to enjoy a beautiful fall day...riding horses, 
hay rack ride, hay bales maze, was a great time!

We ended our season with breathtaking sunsets...night after night!  We never
tire of this view out our window...

We close the books on our 28th year at Cedar Rapids Lodge!  We look forward to a
restful winter...and we look forward to the 2016 resort season!  
We hope to see all of you again!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer at Cedar Rapids Lodge is Flying By!!

Is July really coming to an end?  August will be full of families, fishermen and vacationers, but then comes September, then....WINTER!  AAGGHH!
July has been a great weather month with lots of sunshine, fishing, swimming, etc...I think I'll let the pictures tell the story...
Grandpa the Great is spending the summer with us...we are making memories!

And the fishing...oh my...the stories get better and the fish get bigger...

Families have gathered here since 1933 for reunions, vacations and fun times together!

And the children...the best part of owning a resort is watching kids have so much fun that they want to come back every year!  We watch them grow up...and have kids of their own!  We love kids...our own and all those little ones who sit at the counter every year spending their quarters!

Last week I even found time to sew...with my cousin! 

And this little girl(second granddaughter) celebrated her birthday at the resort!

Do you want to make memories with your family?  We still have some cabins open in August!  Visit our resort website HERE to see what cabins we have for your vacation!  You too can watch this...every night!
Hope your family gets to vacation somewhere this summer!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cedar Rapids Lodge is Open!! at a resort is different every single day!  I think that's what we like about it...sort of like Minnesota weather...if you don't like it, just wait 10 minutes...
If you are doing something at the resort that is not your favorite...there will be 5 other chores that you will enjoy!!  Watching families as they drive in on Saturdays and greeting just special!  They are so excited to finally be on vacation...and we get to share everybody's vacation with them!'s busy right now, but I haven't written or shared any photos, so this post is a photo montage of our life so far in the 2015 resort season!

I made the yearly trek into the woods to put the 50+ elves & critters in their spots for the summer...
These guys had to go together this year...I think they are long-lost brothers!

Found lots of yellow ladyslippers along the trail...

This verse is hanging in the chapel in the woods...a reminder to listen...and find God everywhere!

The beauty of spring blooming in the woods!

Opening the resort means fishing season begins...and we're having a great season!
Calvin caught this giant northern off the dock Memorial weekend!

Ben came up with his family Memorial weekend and caught a lot of great fish!

Conrad's family arrived yesterday...he went fishing this morning at an area lake with his brother and caught this giant fish!  54 1/2 inch musky!  Wow!

The new resort season means new clothes...and we have some fun colors and styles for everyone!

Lots of "new" things at the resort...we also had a fun visit from this little girl and her parents...
She is the smartest & cutest little I sound like her Grandma??  Yep!

And oldest grandson, Will(holding the frame) is going to national competition in Chicago this week with his JBQ team!  Yay, Will!  Junior Bible Quiz kids are amazing...they know their bible facts and can beat most of us to the buzzer!  Good luck to your team, Will!  We'll be praying for all of you!!  We know you'll do your best!

That's all for now!  Maybe your family doesn't have a vacation planned this summer?  If so, give us a call!  We still have some great cabins open and your picture could be in the next blog post...or at least on the fish board in the lodge!
Happy Summer!