Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minnesota Fall Fishing....and the Folks!

     We got to go fishing!!  Finally!!  We only got out once in's a crime, I know!  Our life was busy this fall, but we feel fortunate to have had one good outing on the lake! 18" bass!  My first big fish in a very long time!

Of course, the lodgemaster could not be out-done...
His was a 20" bass caught about 3 minutes after mine!  
And yes, both fish were released back into the lake!  

We had the best time...the lake was like glass...the sunset was phenomenal!

Within the week, we had to leave MN for a week...our parents needed us!  They were moving into a facility in their home town called The Grand Victorian.  This place is a dream!  My son-in-law says he wants to live have to be at least 55!  Sorry, Marc, you'll have to wait several years!  
Here's John and Beulah on moving day!  It was a big change from the place they've called home for 40+ years.  It's a beautiful two story, almost new building, with just about everything you would need at their age.
It's so cozy looking from the outside...
and inside too!
We were so impressed with the welcoming and warm.  The residents were curious as we moved Mom and Dad's belongings in...asking their names...and we saw many familiar faces of people they already knew who were living there.
Steve and his Dad at their new home...
and saying goodbye to them in their breakfast room on the morning we left to go back to MN.

We also got to see these special people in IL.  Jim and Beth have been our best friends since 1968!  Steve started working in Jim's Dad's grocery store and they ended up in business together at the store until we left for MN and the resort life in 1987!  We had our kids together, ran the stores together...shared good times and sad times together.  Every time we see them it's like we haven't been apart!  Such great friends!

We left IL, traveled back home to Cedar Rapids Lodge, went to Disney for a week(that's a whole other blog post!), then made a trip to southern MN for this little girl's baptism...
Doesn't she look joyful on her Baptism Day!  And yes, her Nana made the quilt for her!  I'd like to think she liked it that much!
And I love this picture of her...she took off her fancy dress and posed with her new bracelet made by her cousin!  Look at that healthy baby girl!!

Our family was all together that day...what a blessing to all be in the Lord's house together celebrating Calli's special day!  We've become a crowd!  And we love them all!
Christmas will be a fun time for everyone!

Happy Fall!