Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Vacations at Cedar Rapids Lodge!

     Wow...summer weather has finally hit northern Minnesota!  We are happy about that...and so are the guests!  We think the pictures can tell the story....
Benny picked up his walleye mount from last summer's catch...32" fish!

This youngest grandbaby has discovered the ice cream cones in the lodge!  
She likes them!

The water whoosh has continued to be the favorite vacation toy of the summer!

The rain & sunshine has "bloomed" all the plants at the resort!

Frog hunting just never gets old!

Grandpa the Great is one of the favorites at the resort this summer!

Homemade chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwiches are popular this week!

The 4th of July parade was a fun activity for all the kids!

The summer skies are beautiful every single day!

Berry picking was yummy!

The guests even offer to give the dog a bath!

Love the tiger lilies in bloom!

 Finally got in the woods to see the pink ladyslippers...our state flower!

The grandkids are starting to earn their milkshakes around here!

Griffin Family from Minnesota

The tacky fence decor!

Our welcome sign at the resort 

Livvy posing on the mermaid rock!

The summer potlucks continue every Monday night...a great time of fellowship!

Our pie hostess...and she helped clean up for everyone!  Thanks, Eva!

Summer was cool...look it up!

Jilly & Calvin in the pool...


What else do you do on a hot summer day?

Nathan shared with all the!

This is the second year that these kids have cleaned the pirate ship!

This ship was full of sand!

And their reward was a milkshake!  Thank you Brian, Juicy & Q!

Calli loved posing and picking the flowers!


My Uncle Keith(Poppy) and his great grandson, Henry, playing mini golf.


Cousins getting ready to fish and spend the day together!

Her Daddy is a Cub fan...she thinks he's funny!

Do you see all the fun we have?  Do you need a vacation?  We still have a few cabins open in August...the warmest time of the summer!  Give us a call or check out our website!  
We'd love to share your vacation with you!  And help you make memories year after year.