Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer at Cedar Rapids Lodge is Flying By!!

Is July really coming to an end?  August will be full of families, fishermen and vacationers, but then comes September, then....WINTER!  AAGGHH!
July has been a great weather month with lots of sunshine, fishing, swimming, etc...I think I'll let the pictures tell the story...
Grandpa the Great is spending the summer with us...we are making memories!

And the fishing...oh my...the stories get better and the fish get bigger...

Families have gathered here since 1933 for reunions, vacations and fun times together!

And the children...the best part of owning a resort is watching kids have so much fun that they want to come back every year!  We watch them grow up...and have kids of their own!  We love kids...our own and all those little ones who sit at the counter every year spending their quarters!

Last week I even found time to sew...with my cousin! 

And this little girl(second granddaughter) celebrated her birthday at the resort!

Do you want to make memories with your family?  We still have some cabins open in August!  Visit our resort website HERE to see what cabins we have for your vacation!  You too can watch this...every night!
Hope your family gets to vacation somewhere this summer!