Friday, June 28, 2013

Resort Life in June...

      The number of blog posts in June tells you how busy we are here at Cedar Rapids Lodge!  Life is good!  The fishing has been spectacular this month...the weather has been warm and relatively dry!  We've had some rain this week, but mostly at night!  Perfect for vacationers!  Now I need to share some fish pictures...because I promised these guests that I would!
Grandson Calvin caught his first walleye ever...with his Daddy at Red Lake!

Billy and his huge walleye!

Emily's giant walleye...wait, was Billy holding her fish??  A mystery for sure!

Benny with a 30" walleye caught last night!

You can see that fishing has been a little on the good side this month!  It usually is!  Lots of crappies and bluegills too, along with northerns and a few bass.

Then...last week our help were inspired by a photo I showed them on they went to work out in the yard and this is what they came up with!

The Minnesota Twins our yard!  They loved the challenge and worked diligently.

Here's the grounds crew team...aka...Mitch, Maddy and Aaron...they were excited to finish!

The "TC" stands proud out in center field for all who drive by to look and admire!  Great job kids!

And then....Miss Calli came for her first visit to Cedar Rapids Lodge!  She was so excited...look...

Well, she really was excited, just a little overwhelmed when we told her all that goes on here...

She tried to hide her excitement....

She even sang a few tunes...just taking after her Mommy!

Then she smiled and let me know she likes it here...and she'll be back in 2 weeks!
That made me smile!

Now you see what we've been up to at the resort...we don't get away very often, but we really don't need to!  Our guests provide hours of entertainment...and man, can they eat alot of ice cream!  We're fast approaching our 40th gallon of ice cream this season!  We've made lots of shakes, cones, sundaes...and we still have some left!  Are you coming?
We hope so!

The fish....and ice cream...are waiting!
What are you waiting for?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Papa's Day!

     I did not know...41 years blessed my life would be with this guy in it...

Does he look scared on our wedding day?

How about in this picture??

My husband, daddy, papa is the nicest, warmest, loving man I've ever known! 
We've had a wonderful journey together...

Family vacations in Wisconsin and Minnesota...

Buying our own "vacation" place 26 years ago...

One of my favorite pictures of this guy...spending every waking hour with our kids and me...

And the years passed...

and passed...and 26 years later...

We have all these blessings in our
2 more since our last family photo!


and Calli!

I love you, Hon!  Happy Father's Day!
I can't wait to see where our next adventure takes us!