Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Memory Makin...

   We are in the beginnings of our summer season...and as I search for the photos, this one reminds me of our first year here and the whole reason we moved our family up here!  That little boy didn't see enough of his Daddy his first 3 years...but he made up for it in the years since then!
    I wish all my kids & grandkids lived close, but we are blessed to have 3 young ones living in Bemidji and they are frequent visitors...

    Nate and Jill were here on Monday and helped make the chocolate pies for potluck dessert!

This week was Jill's turn to stay overnight at the resort...and she had some pretty special time with Grandpa the Great!  A bedtime story and breakfast together the next morning!  Such memories!!

We're dealing with some high water this week...the kid docks at the beach had to be rebuilt after the high water floated them loose!  The rain has been a frequent visitor...trying not to complain at this point!

The new Water Whoosh is a hit!  I've had so many kids and parents comment on how much fun they are having with it!  Funny, no one comments on how fun the new septic system is!  It cost a lot more than the Whoosh!!  Oh well...

And the fishing this!

 Needless to's been a great month of fishing!  Even the lodgemaster caught 4 walleyes last night!!

And to top off our week, this little girl is coming to visit on Friday!  We can't wait!