Friday, August 27, 2010


     Wow, we can't believe the summer is almost over!  Where did the weeks go?  They fly by for us...and we've been told they fly by for the vacationers.  Bummer!  Thank goodness we have pictures to remember all the fun times.  I promised several little ones and some grandparents too, that I would post their pictures on the blog so they could read about themselves when they left the resort.  Life just gets busy, but here's a little view of all the fun times in August 2010 at Cedar Rapids Lodge!
Uncle John just got married...but Nathan could pass for his little boy!

Nick Holtz' big northern catch!

Our creek got alot wider with all the summer rain!

Curtis & Fritz enjoying Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes the last night of their vacation...

Maddie & Sam got their hair braided on vacation....and...

posed for a "before" photo....and....
a fun "after" shot with their wiggly curls!

Steve likes to get dirty with Aaron once in awhile...

Andy caught a nice walleye and let his parents get their picture taken with him!

Nathan helped Papa wash the was the best fun!
(he has an "I voted" sticker on his belly)
It was election day...

Our firewood delivery...this will keep us warm for 2 years!
And Steve will get warm sawing and splitting it this fall/winter...

Patsy's nice northern caught this week!

The skunk patrol heading out to set the trap....and they got him!

Patsy & Mem & "most" of their family on vacation this week!

And this game continues to be the hit of the summer!
We might have to build another one!

Thanks for all the memories, August guests!  We've had a great month!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A True Lodgemaster...

This week we said goodbye to a very dear friend, surrogate father, grandfather...jack of all trades.  The man who took such good care of our resort before we got here, died this week.  We met Don 23 years ago on August 29, 1987.  We traveled 640 miles with our four little ones and all the belongings we could fit into the 2 UHaul trucks.  We got lost just about 5 miles from our destination and a man in Blackduck led the way in the dark so we could reach our destination.  Don & Vivian Helgeson were here to greet us...they took us into their home as if we were family.  Our kids took to them as if they were their grandparents.  Don & Viv moved into a cabin for 3 weeks and we settled into the "owners" home.  We worked side by side with them for those weeks, learning all we could about owning a resort.  That first week was busy with guests and we were the guests of honor at the weekly potluck...
Little did we know...that was the last time we got to go first for dinner!

Don & Viv came to this resort in 1970 with 4 little girls....and we followed in 1987 with 4 little ones.  The last 23 years have been very good to us.  We raised our kids and they all left the nest, coming home with their spouses....and now we enjoy visits with 9 grandchildren as often as possible.
Don & Viv continued to stop and visit through all those years.  Don always had a story to tell and we still have alot of the guests who came when he was the "Lodgemaster".  They all have great stories to share of the wonderful memories provided by such great people who loved their life at the resort as much as we do now.
We feel like we have such giant shoes to fill and we hope to enjoy many more years of "filling those shoes".
Thank you, Don, for all you taught us, for your help so many years ago, for being such a fun Minnesota grandpa for our kids when they left their own grandparents in Illinois 23 years ago.
We only hope to carry on as you did so many years ago and take this resort into the next generation...someday.
We love you and thank you for entrusting this little piece of heaven to us.
We promise to take good care of this gift from God!
Have fun fishing in the waters of endless walleyes!

Monday, August 2, 2010

In the Good Ole Summertime.....with Family!

     My goal when creating this blog was to do a new posting every week....well, the last 12 days passed in a blur....of fun!  Our family was here, including alot of extended family and friends who are like family. 
      The weather cooperated for the most part with a rain shower when everyone needed a break from the sun.  Our 3 boys and their spouses/children were here at some point during the last 2 weeks and it is always a gift for us to watch our grandchildren have so much fun at the resort.  The older ones have made friends in the last few years and they get so excited to see those friends/cousins during July.
      Besides fishing, swimming, pirate ship, lodge food, ice's the many ways we spell fun at Cedar Rapids Lodge....
Papa makes the best cones!

Sharing an ice cream cone with your cousin!

Learning to jump into the pool...when you're only 2!

Fishing with Daddy

Making bubble snakes...

Sharing ice cream with Papa...

Free sundaes on Fridays...

The best fun with Papa...

Making sand cupcakes...

Glasses do not make good goggles for the lake!

Training your minnow for the races...

Riding in the golf cart...

The Big Catch!!

We won the jackpot!

Uncle John's BBQ chicken is the best!

I'm telling you...this place wears me out!