Saturday, December 21, 2013

December News & Views...

     Wow, where did the month go?  We thought the fall flew by and now it's almost the end of 2013!  I think this is what happens when you get older??  Time just flies!  I thought it flew through my kids growing up years, but as we age, the days seem to fly by at a much faster speed than ever before!  I like pictures...and I think my blog friends do here you go!
Oldest grandson is learning to hunt!  He shot this partridge at his "other" papa & nana's farm.  He was very excited!

Every time this little girl plays on my Ipad, she takes these pictures!  I caught her...then she caught me!
I think we have "Disney Princess" pictures of every location in my house!!  She's possessed!

It's winter in northern Minnesota...we got 19" of snow in 2 days of non-stop snowing...
That's the snow plow making his first of many trips to open up the road!

I took my camera when I walked out to the mailbox during the snow...capturing these pictures...
 Beautiful snow-covered pine...and
I think this picture is "notecard" worthy!

When we were in Illinois earlier this fall/winter, I took a picture of my childhood home...
Such memories I have of living in this house that seemed "giant" when I was a kid!  I got a chance to tour the house a few years has been loved by the families that have lived in it since we did!  That was comforting!

I took these pictures at Steve's parents' church...beautiful banners that I hope to create for our church someday!

I went to a quilting retreat in mid-November and captured this picture one morning of the sunrise...note the cross in the water...but not in the sky...pretty awesome!

In December, our church held the 6th annual Christmas Cookie Walk...if you missed it, here's some of the goodies...and mark your calendar for the first Saturday in December next year!

Two weeks ago I took this picture on my way to the hospital to volunteer...Sundogs appear around the sun usually in extreme cold weather...something we've had alot of lately!  I guess these pictures are the reward for bearing the cold!

I'll give you a couple of hours to read this post, then I'll share our family Christmas photos!
Rejoice in this most Holy Season!
And stay warm!