Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March into April...almost May!

     Oh my....where did the months go?  Life at a resort gets busy sometimes!  Life anywhere gets busy!  Perhaps we had nothing exciting to report?  Well...now we do!    The resort season will begin in 10 days and there's a lot going on these days....
     We had 4 visitors for a week before Easter...and we put them to work!  Is this child labor?  We hope not!  We just had a few acres of leaves to be raked...they were slow but we got it done!

     Resort work was going along pretty well until this hit last week....
We slowed down a little...and the snow didn't last long!  Guess we put the patio furniture out a little too early!
We continued our work inside and got the lodge cleaned and ready for the season... 
 Once the fryer is moved back into the kitchen, cooking in the lodge can't be far away!

One of our spring duties involves walking a 2 mile section and picking up the ditches....now this involves 3 different days of walking up and down and into the ditch to pick up all the litter dropped by crazy people!  Scary, but most of the litter picked up is beer cans!  Calvin came along on the last night and we did a nice job of getting his allergies flared but good!  He survived and we all had a good time!

Guests...take note of this new store open in Bemidji!  Believe it or not, I have only been there once...but I'll do my best to scout it out for all of you!

We celebrated Calvin's birthday last weekend...he's 11 and not the oldest grandchild!

Here he is with his oldest cousin...Will...before their big concert in Bemidji...I even got to go...the Newsboys...it was an awesome concert!
We were on our feet most of the night jumping, swaying, clapping and hands in the air...praising God with this amazing group!  Thanks for taking me, boys!

Progress continues at the resort on the Cedar Rapids Lodge mansion in the woods!  It's a little big for the two of us...and we're a couple of years from inhabiting it...but it will be fun!
Here's the view out the master bedroom to the lake...

Here's a peek at the master shower...pretty fancy!

 Kurt thought we needed some timber beams in the great room...and they are really cool!

 Here's a view of the road side...front of the house.  It can easily sleep 15 if needed!

Here's a lakeside view of the house & garage...still waiting for the deck and grading in the yard!

It was a beautiful evening tonight...we sat on the dock and watched a pair of loons coming into the shallows...a relaxing end to a busy day!

 Another view of the sunset tonight!

 In just 10 short days, we will greet our first guests and open the doors of the resort for the 2015 season!  We are excited...again...for our 28th year at this beautiful place!  We look forward to summer days like this...

And we love fish pictures!  This is my Dad several years ago with his big bass!  He had so much fun catching it...I miss this guy something terrible!  His birthday is next month...he's been gone 14 years and it doesn't seem possible!  I know he would have loved all our grandkids and they would have loved him!
 Memories....that's what we're famous for at the resort!  In 28 years, we have so many memories...and we look forward to another year of memories...with wonderful friends and family who will come and share their vacation with us this year!
Don't you need a vacation??