Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My New Bathroom!

So....the story goes that when you own a resort, you don't just have a have 14 homes!  Well, at our resort anyway.  We have 13 cabins and our do you know what that means when you get out the "honey do" list?  Your livelihood depends on renting those cabins, so your first priority is to keep them updated and remodeled and furnished in such a way that your guests come each year to see "surprises" in their cabin!  Sometimes it's new mattresses, a new couch, Dish network, etc.  This year we added screened porches to 2 of the cabins...I can't wait for those guests to come and enjoy them!  Anyway, you get the home...the one I live usually the last one to get something "new".

We've lived at our resort for 25 years, so my house is starting to look pretty darn good!  I got a brand new kitchen about 4 years ago...2 years ago I got a remodeled living/dining room...this winter I got a new bathroom and new sewing room.  The sewing room is not "organized" yet, so no photos.  The bathroom is done...and I'm excited.  It's hard to have the remodel project take place in your house as opposed to a cabin.  You don't have to live in the cabin while it's being one it's not in your way every single day.  This bathroom project was brutal, but the finished room is awesome.
We put beadboard on the bottom of the walls and on the ceiling...painted both a gloss white.  I found an awesome 2" white blind for the window on clearance at Menard's.  Made the valance from scraps from Anderson Fabrics!  Bought cute brown baskets at of my very favorite stores!

Our trusty carpenter/friend Kurt built this linen cupboard to just fit the space...and he even put beadboard in the doors.  He's really good that way!  More TJMaxx baskets on the shelving.

The walls are a light blue, very subtle, so subtle that my husband says it's concrete block grey...I beg to differ!  It's blue...guys just don't have that color realm that women's okay...that's why we pick out the paint colors!  I bought that cute towel hook medallion hanging on the wall at TJMaxx.  See the little box above the light switch?  Yep...floor heat!  It is awesome with these cold Minnesota winters!  Love it!

The vanity and top are from Menard's.  The vanity is taller than normal...I like it.  Some of the grandkids are too short, but we have a stool for that!  Tile floor...did I mention the floor heat?

Here's the last view...shower curtain and all.  Bought it at Walmart, along with towels to match. 
Bathrooms are tough rooms to have torn apart for very least we had a second bathroom to use!

Still working on that sewing room, but pictures to come soon!
And the weatherman says winter storm warning this weekend...maybe we'll get time to get finish my room!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas 2011/celebrated in 2012...

     Our family Christmas was celebrated in January this year...
This is what "Christmas" looks like in January with no sure didn't dampen the spirits of these little ones...

We were just thrilled that 10 little bodies were healthy at the same time...sure, runny noses abound sometimes, but we know as our family grows that there might come the day when somebody is sick for our Christmas!  These 10 little blessings are the product of the last 9 1/2 years...our kids are doing a wonderful job of filling our life with joy, don't you think? 

This is the youngest born on December 27th who delayed our Christmas...but did we care?  No!

Olivia Basil arrived healthy and loved by all!

Here's some of the chaos and joy of Christmas with 10 under 10...

Every year I think we're going to unwrap just one present at a time...yea, right...the excitement outshines organization...and that's just fine!

Here's Steve and Sara working on the brunch that was wonderful!

Here's all the kids enjoying their meal...they always want Uncle John to sit with them...and he obliges!  He'll be a great Daddy someday!(with lots of practice with all his nieces & nephews!)

Papa built some fences for each family...thanks to Nana's suggestion(from pinterest)...

Tate & Lu tried them out first...

then Calvin & Will decided fencing was a great way to play a game without "interference"...

Jillian was excited to hold her new cousin....

and Nathan is such a baby lover!  He already seems to have his family planned with a little girl in his K-1 class...and he's asked his Mom if she'll babysit "Baby Stony"!  This kid has a great imagination!

And here's our newest granddaughter...

Olivia, O, Livy, is already 6 weeks old!  Where did the time go?

We treasure these times with our little own children were just babies, weren't they?  The days and years seem to fly by...I am thankful for this precious time with grandchildren!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family!  You can see that we sure did!