Thursday, May 31, 2012

Resort Season Begins...again!

      Wow, the 2012 season is off and running...with a bang!  We welcomed some fishermen on the 17th of May...and then the crowds found us on Memorial weekend!  We had the busiest weekend since we started this journey 25 years ago!  We were so thankful for all the families and fishermen who came up, despite a little rain, and fished...and caught...lots of fish!
      These 2 guys have been fishing together for all of our 25 years...every spring and fall they cruise the lake and find fish!  Yesterday they were thrilled with this catch...

John & Gene brought in their limit of

and here! 

      Fishing has been awesome!  We pack the fish for the guests and freeze it too...we've been busy wrapping walleyes, bluegills and crappies...the month of June always provides even better fishing!  Bring it on!

      We continue to get new shipments of sweatshirts and t-shirts for the summer's a couple...
This sweatshirt is available in black, navy and...

moss green.

      Our local model, Jillian, is showing the new hat available in pink, blue and yellow...

You ladies just know you're gonna want one!

      We had some young ice cream technicians visit and try out the flavors to make sure they passed the taste test...
Great niece Rowan thinks the strawberry is top dog!

and granddaughter Monica likes the scooper hero flavor!

     We had fun with a 3 generation photo of Gr & Gr Addler with Sam & Roz & 4 littles...

even Baby Olivia was smiling!

            I took the time to try a new recipe before the season begins....I used these ingredients...
and lots of water...and made this...

laundry detergent!
It's such an easy recipe, but those who have tried it really like the smell and the low suds...we supply detergent in our resort laundry room, so the fact that this costs less than a penny a load was a big reason to try the recipe! 

      I found this picture on my fridge and wanted to share our family in 1987 when we were still in Illinois and had made the decision to move to Minnesota and buy our resort...
We were green!  We had no idea what the Lord had planned for us...25 years later, grown kids, married and 10 grandchildren....we are blessed! 

Have a wonderful summer everyone!  And check back frequently for the whopper fish pictures and all the happenings at the resort!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We're Ready!

I realize it's been a few weeks since I's long days getting these cabins ready for our guests!  And now we're done!  Cabins have been cleaned for 2 weeks, but all those little things to tweak before the guests arrive....leaky faucets, toilets, installing new lights, upgrading old outlets...the list goes on when you have 13 cabins to groom to their finest for all those vacationing families who can't wait to get here!'s what we've been up to...

Cabin #10 (& #11 to the left) got a new screened porch for the 2012 season!

Here's the view from inside the porch...could make for some late-night chats and games!

Cabin #12 got a brand new kitchen!  Hickory cupboards...with these...

Cute fishy cupboard handles just perfect for a cabin on the lake!

New living room furniture for cabin #12 too!

Cabin #5 got a full-size stove with built-in microwave...and the new fish handles too!

A huge spring project for the guy in charge is uncovering all the boats and getting them tuned up and in the water...and I get to back the boat into the water and drive the trailer back to the resort...woohoo!

This is a tall job and one the lodgemaster won't let me do!  So notice the clean fans!!

My beautiful cactus must be a resort always blooms when the season begins!

The candy counter is stocked and the ice cream is in the's been sampled and approved for the guests!

The coffee counter is ready for all those early morning fishermen sharing their stories...

The new clothes and merchandise are stocked and ready for browsing customers...

There's a new game in the game room!


And the cookies are on the table in the cabins...waiting for our first guests to arrive...TODAY!
The Seidel boys are coming for some guy time...and we can't wait to greet them!

Don't you need a vacation at this place??  If you do, go HERE and find out what cabins are open for the summer.  We'd love to show you around!  And share our cookies with you!