Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season...

I am beginning to realize that our "off season" is busier than when the resort is open!  So many projects, travels, activities...we are hardly home to update this blog!  Sorry about that...but we are feeling the old adage..."the older you get, the faster time flies!"  I can't believe it is already December...and it's almost Christmas! 

Again, this posting is a collage of photos gathered in the last few weeks.  The month started off with our 4th annual Cookie Walk at church...I have always chaired this event, but the amazing help I receive each year makes the event a success each and every year.

Here's some of my elves setting up the tables for the shoppers.

A sampling of the beautiful goodies for sale by the pound.

Sugar cookies...always a hit!

We have some of the best bakers in northern Minnesota!  Honestly...we couldn't hold this event without all the church people who bake for days and donate for this cookie walk.

This picture shows an eager shopper with his glove on, picking his cookies for his box...and if you look, you can see some of our new construction in the background.  We have held these fundraisers to raise money to add onto our church...we've raised over $200,000 in the last 3 years!  An amazing total in our small community!  The addition is almost finished and we are all so excited to "move in"!

 On the homefront, we've had lots going on at the resort.  We're closed for the winter, but the work continues.  Our carpenter, Kurt, parks his trailer here in the fall and works on our list as he gets time...

He has finished the new screened porches on cabins #10 & #11.  They will be awesome next summer!
Cabin #11...trim needs to be painted yet.

Cabin #10...needs staining and painting in the spring!

New windows installed in cabin #4...

and windows in cabin, did they need it!

Here's what my sewing room/4th bedroom looked like last wood walls, painted ceiling and carpeting will be ordered soon.  The bathroom is still a work in to come.

We spent Dec. 3-12th in Shakopee with 3 little ones...their Mommy went on a mission trip to Swaziland, Africa!  We had a wonderful time.  I played house and Papa worked at Max's golf store during the day. 

This little girl and her Nana had a great week together! 

Presents from Mommy showed up mid-week(thanks to Daddy) and it made this little guy feel a little better about missing his Momma.  Nana just does things a little different than Mommy, although I tried my best to stay in their routine each day.  Their Mommy is a wonderfully organized person...and this 60 yr. old Nana probably worked a little slower...heck, I know I did!  But it was such a gift to live amongst all of them for those 9 days!  And their Mommy came home safe from a memorable trip doing God's work....and we're all glad to have her back!

We continue to be thankful for this group of munchkins who fill our life with love and joy!

We look forward to spending our holiday with all of our family, one little family at a time...and then we'll all celebrate together in the new year...if we can find a place big enough for all of us!  There's an addition coming to this family on December 27th...and we're as excited about grandbaby #10 as we were the first time!  I expect we'll have pictures of this new baby shortly after he/she arrives.

Merry Christmas to all my readers!  We are humbled this season when we think of that baby born so many years ago who came to save us all....we hope you have Jesus in your heart this Christmas...and all year long!