Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our First Season Begins!'s June 22nd and I'm finally sitting down to do the blog.  Our first season has started off super busy...which is a good thing....and super fun!  Not all resort jobs are fun, but can I tell you what IS fun?  Going to Sam's Club and buying all the candy you can fit in your car!  Two carts full.  Calvin had a great time throwing in all the candy he could find.  It's a kid's dream!

The middle of May Grandpa and Aunt Nancy arrived.  We were all so's like the official beginning of the resort season!  We quickly got him into one of our new plaid shirts...

The new water whoosh and pyramid have been a huge hit on the lake with the kids!   

 The former Lodgemaster decided to revisit his fly fishing days now that he's retired.  He has been out several times....he walks right into the lake and catches bluegill one after another!

Nathan had summer school in June.  One day his class went to the nursing home and he got to visit Vivian Helgeson.  Don and Vivian owned the resort before my parents....we were very close to them as kids so it was special for Nathan to meet her.

Dave and Mary and their family caught some huge fish when they were here! 

We had some special family time last week.  My dad's sister was still here, and his brother brought his wife and grand kids up for the week so my grandpa had all three of his kids here at once!  

Jillian is our resort social director.  She's always willing to head to the playground with kids or swim in the pool and lake.  She plays hard and sleeps hard.  It's quite a life.  

We have spent time with some amazing families this year.  Some old and some brand new.  We are having a great time living this resort life!  Would you like to join us sometime? Visit our website at!

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