Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Give You...Cabin 9!

This post is long over due!  I don't know where the time goes…you'd think I was running a resort or something!  

Here it is…it's big and beautiful!

I will use very few words and just take you on a picture tour….you'll feel like you're here!  We will start by walking in the door of cabin 9A…

There is one bedroom on the main floor.

The main bathroom is handicap accessible and very large!

Then we head upstairs where there are two bedrooms and a full bath.

Cabin 9B is very similar, but there are some subtle decorating differences so I'll let you tour that one too.  Hobby Lobby was my friend!

The downstairs bedroom has a queen bed and a twin…just like on the other side.

How cute is this arrow in the bathroom?

Upstairs one bedroom has a queen bed and the other has two full.

The bathrooms are adorable…

Jillian's favorite part is this great closet under the stairs.  She thinks it should be stocked with a book shelf and bean bags!

We really had fun with this cabin.  Thanks to our amazing contractor there was very little stress!  Cabinet knobs of all things almost put me over the edge, but we're not talking about that anymore.  We feel so blessed to be sharing this new place with so many of our guests.  Every week is exciting as we get to show it off again.  The fun never ends!

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